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About Us

Our Story


The Embudo  Valley Tutoring Association (EVTA) was incorporated, as Embudo Valley  Tutoring (EVTA), in 2004 as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization to  support Dixon Elementary, and strengthen the educational opportunities  for children in the rural area surrounding the Rio Grande of Rio Arriba  County in northern New Mexico. EVTA has provided continuous free  tutoring and mentoring to children and youth of the Rio Grande and  surrounding villages for 12 years. We provide free tutoring during the  school day, after school, and during the summer. Beginning in 2010, EVTA  began to stretch its resources and staff to serve children in other  schools who needed reading interventionists, like Velarde Elementary and  later, La Jicarita Community School in Penasco (now closed). In late  2016 we began a partnership with the Anansi Charter School in Des Montes  with students from both Arroyos del Norte and Anansi being served. It is our  goal to extend our service offerings to as many children as we can reach  with the resources available to us. While the free tutoring services  are available to students of any age, our focus has been on helping  elementary children build a good foundation in reading, language arts  and math skills so they can benefit from higher education. 

Our Mission



  • Provide  children and youth in the rural communities along the Northern Rio  Grande from Velarde to Taos with an equal chance to achieve academic  success by providing free tutoring in any subject for as long as the  student needs it.
  • Strengthen  the quality of education in underfunded rural schools in our area by  providing qualified tutors to work in the schools during the school day,  as well as after school and in the summer
  • Help  children with Dyslexia and other reading disabilities succeed by  providing them with specialized multi-sensory instruction when they  cannot learn by traditional teaching methods
  • Reduce  the local high school drop out rate of 15% by helping students achieve  proficiency in Language Arts and Math in the early primary years

Our Values



  • Commitment:  EVTA's staff of experienced teachers is committed to providing the best  possible tutoring support to the children of our rural communities so  that they have an equal chance to succeed in an increasingly technical,  competitive world.
  • High quality of service:  EVTA is dedicated to providing the best possible training to our tutors  so that they may be able to meet any student's academic needs.
  • Empowerment:  Our goal is to empower local children so they can achieve their full  potential as human beings, responsible parents and leaders of society
  • Community: EVTA works closely with local families, schools and the Rio Grande Library to increase the literacy of local children.
  • Flexibility:  EVTA remains flexible in its service offerings so the organization can  adapt itself to the changing needs of the schools and community.