What we do

In-School Tutoring


 In-school tutoring:  EVTA is unique among tutoring programs because our tutors work in the  schools during the school day, under the supervision of the teachers, to  support students in any way requested. In this way, any student is able  to have access to EVTA's tutors on a regular basis. It is because of  regular, frequent tutoring throughout the school year that 85% of  EVTA's students improve. 

After-School Tutoring


For students of all ages! Tutoring is provided at the local library or at local school sites. Our school partners include: Dixon Elementary School, Velarde Elementary School, San Juan Elementary, Arroyos Del Norte Elementary and Anansi Charter School.

Embudo Valley Libary After-School Program


Embudo Valley  students enjoy interesting and creative educational activities  four afternoons a week from  August – May, each year through EVTA's collaboration with the Embudo Valley Library to provide the discovery learning After School Program.

Summer Tutoring Program


Provided each year  for 4 weeks in July-August to help students improve their skills for the  next grade. Students receive individual tutoring or small group tutoring in any subject needed. 

Serving Students with Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities


Because it  is difficult for students with reading disabilities to get  individualized instruction in their schools, and because they do not  learn by traditional methods, EVTA has made it a priority to train our  tutors in multisensory and systematic  phonetic instructional techniques. Students with disabilities are empowered to learn because they are presented with concepts they can experience through multiple sensory pathways and that they can attain mastery at each level.


El Mercado: Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Students engage their math and language skills through financial literacy and culturally relevant business related activities of their choosing.